Clever accessories for veterinary dental care

From operating light to stools, Planmeca Group offers high-quality dental accessories to veterinarians for an optimal treatment experience.

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Planmeca Solanna™ operating light

The Planmeca Solanna™ dental unit operating light provides perfect visibility over the entire treatment area – with the brightness and colour temperature of your choice.

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Planmeca Solanna dental operating light

Planmeca Somia™ intraoral camera

Planmeca Somia™ is a light and slender intraoral camera that facilitates image documentation. Because of its small size and user-friendly operation, all areas in the animal’s mouth can be easily reached, making it a valuable aid for all veterinary professionals. As the freezing and saving of images can also be done from the foot control, hands are left free for the positioning of the camera. The images can also be saved to the patient database in Planmeca Romexis®.

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Planmeca Somia dental scanner

Planmeca Olo™ saddle stool

Planmeca Olo™ enables a natural sitting position during treatment sessions. The height of the stool is easy to adjust while the incomplete circle shape of the foot ring allows close proximity to the patient as well as other stools. The exceptional design also features handles and the uniform design contributes to optimal infection control.

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Planmeca Lumo™ dental stool

Anatomically designed Planmeca Lumo™ dental stool is an excellent ergonomic choice for veterinarian dentists. Its smoothly rotating wheels and multitude of adjustment possibilities ensure optimal working positions for users of all heights and sizes. The stool provides outstanding support and comfort even during the longest workdays.

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