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Case report: Polar bear’s unique dental operation in Finland

10 dezembro 2019

In the early autumn 2019, the Ranua Wildlife Park’s dedicated staff suspected one or more of the resident female polar bear's teeth might be causing pain for the sow. Veterinary professionals from across the Nordic countries quickly assembled in Ranua to perform a unique dental treatment with the assistance of the Planmeca Group.

How is Inka doing now after her dental procedure?

28 outubro 2019

The Elmwood Park Zoo staff cares for over 300 animals, including Inka, the jaguar, whose dental procedure we covered in our earlier blog posts. Dr Michele Goodman, an Elmwood Park Zoo veterinarian, recruited veterinary dental specialist Dr John Lewis for Inka’s latest procedure. For a follow up on Inka’s recovery, we reached out to Dr Goodman.

Dr Lewis uses CBCT for veterinary cases where detailed imaging is needed

18 setembro 2019

Dr John Lewis is a board-certified veterinary dentist, specialising in dental and maxillofacial problems of dogs, cats, and the occasional zoo animal. Dr Lewis played a crucial role in the jaguar Inka’s oral surgery last autumn and used the Planmed Verity mobile cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) unit to diagnose the issue with Inka’s canine.

Case report: Effortless high-quality veterinary dental imaging with Planmed Verity®

26 julho 2019

When you need detailed information about an animal’s mouth and skull, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging is the best way to see it all in only a few minutes. Planmeca Group offers the mobility and ease of accessibility of CBCT imaging for veterinary dentists for use on animals of all shapes and sizes - even a jaguar with a damaged canine tooth.

Better veterinary dental care through training

26 março 2019

As veterinary clinics are increasingly performing dental care, also the need for training is growing. Planmeca provides various trainings for veterinarians, from basic education to taking intraoral X-ray images and using the Planmeca Romexis Veterinary imaging software.

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol introduced for Planmed Verity®

16 janeiro 2018

The innovative Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol combines clinical image quality with extremely low effective patient doses – enabling 3D imaging with a dose close to standard 2D imaging. Now also available for the Planmed Verity® scanner, the protocol elevates medical CBCT imaging to an entirely new level.

New algorithm solves the challenge of movement artefacts

20 novembro 2017

The compact and mobile Planmed Verity® 3D tomography scannerjust got even better. Planmeca introduced Planmeca CALM™ motion artefact correction to end users a few months ago.

Planmeca Veterinary’s Helena Sundberg: “Our technology opens up whole new possibilities for veterinary care”

15 novembro 2017

Read our interview with Sundberg for more information on what Planmeca can offer veterinary care.

Renewed Vet Solutions brochure published

7 setembro 2017

We have published a brand new version of the Planmeca Veterinary Solutions brochure.

Planmeca intraoral scanner solving age-old mysteries of nature

11 maio 2017

Planmeca’s intraoral scanner has become the new favourite tool of many scientists in unraveling the mysteries of nature.

Planmeca expands into the veterinary world

1 outubro 2014

To continue our expansion in the health care technology market, we are now set to offer products to the rapidly growing veterinary industry.