Planmeca Group

Planmeca Group operates in the field of healthcare technology and consists of several divisions. With 4,400 employees worldwide, Planmeca Group companies achieved a combined turnover of EUR 1.2 billion in 2023. The Group’s headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland.

KaVo Dental

KaVo Dental

KaVo Dental is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of dental care units, instruments and laboratory equipment with a strong worldwide brand presence. For more than 100 years, KaVo has focused on innovation and quality in dental products and services, building an outstanding reputation among dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists. KaVo joined Planmeca Group by company acquisition in 2022. The company is based in Biberach, Germany.

LM dental instruments


LM-Instruments Oy develops, produces and markets high-tech dental hand instruments and their tracking system together with ultrasonic devices, orthodontic appliances and more. The company is the fastest growing manufacturer of hand instruments in Europe and the market leader in the Nordic countries. Founded in 1973, LM-Instruments joined Planmeca Group by company acquisition in 1999.

Opus Dental software solutions

Opus Systemer

Norway-based Opus Systemer AS develops comprehensive software solutions for the dental market. The main product is Opus Dental, the most popular practice management solution in the Nordic countries, which supports the key dental treatment processes and the practice workflow. Founded in 1993, the company joined Planmeca Group by company acquisition in 2000.

Triangle dental cabinetry

Triangle Furniture Systems

Triangle Furniture Systems Inc. is a forerunner in dental practice cabinetry solutions and sterilisation centres, which take into consideration the demanding infection control requirements for the treatment environment. The company was founded in 1979 and became Planmeca’s subsidiary in 2005. Triangle is based in Montreal, Canada.


Planmeca E4D Technologies

E4D Technologies is an innovation leader in modern dental CAD/CAM solutions. Headquartered in the USA, in Richardson, Texas, the company is a high-tech medical device company focused on 3D digitising applications, successful entrepreneurship, and commercialization of new technologies. Planmeca became a co-owner of E4D Technologies in 2013.