Planmeca Veterinary’s Helena Sundberg: “Our technology opens up whole new possibilities for veterinary care”

Blog post
15 November 2017

Veterinary care is going through an exciting time. Digitalisation is drastically changing the industry, veterinary dentistry is taking off on a global scale, and awareness of animal and pet health is on the rise. According to Helena Sundberg, Sales Manager of Planmeca Veterinary Solutions, there are a lot of benefits to be gained from the expertise and technological solutions of human health care. Read our interview with Sundberg for more information on what Planmeca can offer veterinary care.

How did Planmeca enter the veterinary solution market? 

Our collaboration with the veterinary professionals dates back about a decade. We have worked with veterinary professionals both in Finland and in other countries and we have learned how the dental and medical devices manufactured by Planmeca Group work in the veterinary practice. Working with some of the top veterinary dentists has really been a great experience. We’ve gained a lot of insight into the industry and the work.

In many ways, going to the veterinary side was natural for us. After all, our mission is – and has always been – to provide the best possible tools for dental and health care professionals around the world so they can give their patients the best possible care. We want to do the same for veterinary professionals.

What can Planmeca offer veterinary professionals?

People are becoming more and more aware of animal and pet health. This is increasing the demand for functional solutions, which can adapt to the needs of clinics of all kinds.

We offer veterinarians a wide range of high quality dental equipment and imaging devices as well as software solutions. The Planmeca ProX™ X-ray unit, for example, has a sturdy build and versatile installation options making it the perfect fit for both smaller and larger veterinary clinics.

What differentiates Planmeca from other manufacturers in the market?

Our cooperation with veterinarians has shown us that not only are Planmeca products suitable for veterinary care, they open up whole new possibilities for it.

In cooperation with veterinary professionals, we have had the opportunity to see how Planmeca solutions work in the veterinary world. Together we have also developed our solutions to better serve the needs of veterinary professionals. We are able to offer veterinarians a range of products, such as the Planmed Verity™ 3D scanner which can adapt to a variety of clinical needs. Our solutions enable diagnosis and treatment which are both less invasive and more precise.  

At the same time, we are constantly listening to veterinary professionals and learning about the industry. One result of this has been the just released Planmeca Romexis® veterinary edition of Planmeca’s software solution for 2D and 3D imaging. We also provide patient-specific implant services – both planning and printing of the implants.

View from the Planmeca Romexis® veterinary edition.

Where do you see veterinary care heading at the moment?

Dentistry is definitely a growing field within veterinary care. That is not to say that dentistry hasn’t been part of veterinary care until now, but it is only relatively recently that the benefits of diagnostics and treatment capabilities such as dental imaging have begun to receive attention outside specialist and large clinics.

What does the future look like for Planmeca’s veterinary solutions?

There is so much potential in both the industry and our technology. Research and product development have always been the very core of Planmeca. Cooperation with veterinary professionals is the only way to develop solutions that truly help them with their work. We have a growing international network of veterinary professionals who we work with. It’s exciting to learn more about the work veterinarians do and the broad scope of cases they treat. From routine check-ups to maxillofacial surgeries.

We want veterinary professionals to have the best possible tools available to give their patients the best possible care. I see a bright future for both the veterinary industry and Planmeca veterinary solutions! 

Text by: Aleksandra Nyholm & Sanna Tolmunen
Photos: Planmeca & Johannes Kaarakainen