New algorithm solves the challenge of movement artefacts

The compact and mobile Planmed Verity® 3D tomography scannerjust got even better. Planmeca introduced Planmeca CALM™ motion artefact correction to end users a few months ago. Soon this groundbreaking innovation is also available for Planmed Verity, which  provides high-resolution volumetric images of your patients at especially low patient doses.

Planmeca CALM

The new iterative Planmeca CALM™ (Correction Algorithm for Latent Movement) eliminates the need for retakes by cancelling the effects of patient movement. The Planmed Verity® scanner can soon be used with this revolutionary algorithm. Planmeca CALM can be applied after an image has been captured, but it can also be selected preventively before exposures.

 Planmeca CALM is available soon as an update for all Planmed Verity scanners!