Veterinary hand instruments

LM-Dental veterinary dental instruments are designed to meet the varying needs of veterinarian dentistry. The high-quality instruments with an ergonomic handle design function well in all clinical procedures. Some of the instruments also completely sharpening-free.


Ergonomic design

Ergonomics is a core principle of LM-Dental’s product development. The elastic silicone coating guarantees a light, non-slip grip, while the lightweight construction and large handle diameter makes every veterinary dental instrument easy to hold.

Lasting sharpness

Sharp Diamond™ is LM-Dental’s range of revolutionary periodontal instruments for lasting and superior sharpness. Thanks to their new micro membrane coating, the Sharp Diamond instruments are completely sharpening free.

Easy traceability

Clear color-coding together with name and product code number on the handle eases the identification of the veterinary instruments during clinical procedures and maintenance.