Planmed Verity®
High-resolution 3D scanner for veterinary imaging

Planmed Verity veterinary 3D imgaging

The Planmed Verity® 3D tomography scanner provides high-resolution volumetric images of an animal’s teeth, full dentition and skull at especially low patient doses. The compact and mobile scanner utilizing cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology offers excellent usability for veterinary dental imaging.

Why choose Cone Bean Computed Tomography for veterinary radiography?

  • CBCT imaging is a non-invasive method for imaging bone structure and teeth

  • Can be used for designing, planning, and performing oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • Helps to plan treatments for facial trauma, tumors, jaw fractures, and dental problems, among others

  • The thin, sharp image slices can be viewed in the software from any angle

  • Perfect for use on animals of different shapes and sizes – particularly suitable for imaging brachycephalic animals

  • Fast scanning – scan complete in less than 30 seconds

Planmeca Verity


Excellent image quality
at a low dose

CBCT technology offers unlimited contrast and the highest available resolution for patient anatomy. Planmed Verity® is designed to find even the most subtle fractures, and the specialized imaging functions and tools also provide a low dose imaging technique for veterinary radiographs. Meanwhile, the fast scanning requires less time under anesthesia, as CBCT imaging provides highly accurate and detailed images for assessment and treatment planning in only a few minutes.

Perfect patient positioning

The motorized tilt and up-and-down movements of the device ensure optimal patient positioning and user ergonomics. As you position the animal, an integrated video camera gives you more visibility and adds confidence in proper patient positioning.


Compact and mobile

The easy-to-move and compact Planmed Verity® brings 3D imaging directly to where the patient is. When not in use, the scanner is easy to move around and store in another location. Its mobility enables flexible room design solutions even when space is limited.






Planmed Verity® Technical specifications

Technical data

X-ray beam
Anode voltage
80-96 kV
Anode current
2.4-12 mA
Focal spot
0.6 mm, fixed anode
Image detector
Flat panel
Gray scale
14 Bit
Detector resolution
1575 x 1969 pixel, pixel size 127 µm x 127 µm
Image acquisition
210 degree rotation
Scan time
18 s, pulsed X-ray
Reconstruction time
30-120 s
3D reconstruction server
Proprietary Feldkamp type back projection reconstruction algorithm 
Improved Artefact Removal (IAR) for high contrast object compensation