Veterinary hand instruments

Planmeca proudly presents a range of high-quality instruments to meet the needs of veterinary dentistry. LM-Dental dental instruments make the work of veterinary clinicians less strenuous and more productive. Reliability, wear-resistance, and comfort are indisputable benefits.


Feel the difference

How to make the daily work of dental treatments less strenuous and more productive? The beauty of the LM-ErgoVet instrument handle is its ergonomically designed and soft medical-grade silicone grip. A well-balanced and lightweight instrument allows for natural control and less strain.

Lasting sharpness

Sharp Diamond™ is LM-Dental’s range of revolutionary periodontal instruments for lasting and superior sharpness. The scalers with a micro-membrane coating are completely sharpening free. Free up time for beneficial care with an instrument that retains its superior sharpness throughout its lifetime.

Simple instrumentation

Choose preferred patterns or select from one of our pre-configured large and small companion animal kits. Both kits contain LM Dual Gracey™ curettes, a combination of universal and Gracey curettes, to streamline the number of instruments for an efficient workflow.