Planmed Verity® VET
High-resolution CBCT scanner for veterinary 3D imaging


The Planmed Verity® VET is a stand-alone cone beam CT scanner designed especially for veterinary imaging. It provides highly accurate submillimeter-resolution volumetric images of the animal’s bony structures, such as the teeth, skull and extremities. Its detailed 3D images enable accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Excellent image quality

Planmed Verity® VET provides highly accurate submillimeter-resolution 3D images of the patient’s anatomy. The CBCT scanner is designed to find even the smallest pathologies and fractures in the animal’s bony structures.

With Planmed Verity VET CBCT scanner, the patient’s teeth, skull and extremities are captured accurately in 3D for diagnosis and treatment planning. Although digital radiography and ultrasound devices are also helpful in treating patients, these imaging modalities are fundamentally limited compared to 3D imaging as they produce 2-dimensional projections of the 3-dimensional anatomy.

Furthermore, the innovative imaging protocols of Planmed Verity VET allows reducing the scanner’s already low effective patient doses without compromising diagnostic image quality.


Easy imaging and diagnosis

Planmed Verity VET is equipped with an easy-to-use graphical user interface and accompanied by a dedicated workstation for viewing the captured images from all angles in Planmeca Romexis® veterinary imaging software. The mobile positioning table of the scanner enables precise, fast and effortless image acquisition of the patient’s teeth, skull and extremities.


Compact and mobile

The easy-to-move and compact Planmed Verity VET scanner brings 3D imaging directly to where the patient is and can be accessed easily when needed. When not in use, the mobile scanner is easy to move around and store in another location. Its mobility also enables flexible room design solutions even when space is limited.


Why choose Cone Beam Computed Tomography for veterinary radiography?

  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) provides anatomically accurate 3D images for assessment and treatment planning.
  • The thin, sharp image slices of CBCT images are more detailed than conventional X-ray images, which only provide simple 2D information.
  • The fast scanning process of the CBCT scanner reduces time under anesthesia as the image is captured in less than a minute, thus being more comfortable for the patient while allowing more time for treatment.
  • 3D images can also be used in the discussion with the animal owner to visualize the conditions and treatment options.
  • Perfect for the use on animals of different shapes and sizes – particularly suitable for imaging brachycephalic animals.



Planmed Verity® VET Technical specifications

Technical data

Anode voltage 80–96 kV
Anode current 1–12 mA
Scan time 18–35 s
Field of view, single scan 16 x 13 cm
Field of view with stitching 16 x 20 cm
Resolution 0,2 mm
Power input 100–240 V (single phase) 10–16 A (standard outlet)
Weight 350 kg (770 lbs)