Clinical 3D images and cases

Image quality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an imaging unit. Planmeca Verity® VET provides highly accurate 3D images of the patient’s anatomy. See the quality for yourself from the clinical images and clinical cases below.

Clinical images

Head and teeth







Clinical cases

Clinical case: Endodontic disease

After several trips to general vet, a young pug with extreme swelling and discharge from his left eye was presented to Dr. Mary Buelow, DVM, DAVDC. She hypothesized the symptoms might be caused by a dental issue and decided to scan the patient’s teeth.

While the intraoral 2D radiograph showed no lesions and was a typical one for brachycephalic breeds, the 3D image captured with Planmed Verity® VET CBCT scanner revealed severe endodontic disease, causing tooth root “abscess”. The coronal slices of the CBCT image show exactly the problem eluding general vet – and the 2D radiograph.

Clinical case: Tooth abscess

A patient with symptoms of tooth abscess underwent full FMX evaluation to confirm the suspected disease. Tooth abscess was found at canine tooth 104. For the treatment planning, a CBCT scan was captured in order to determine if the tooth could be treated by a root canal or if tooth extraction was necessary. The CBCT revealed the full extent of the disease and as a result, the tooth was removed.